Osman Shrine Suitcase 3 Sizes (Black)


Osman Shrine Suitcase 3 Sizes (Black)

Osman Shrine Suitcase (Black): Travel in Style with Unmatched Convenience

The Osman Shrine Suitcase in black is a perfect blend of style, functionality, and durability, designed for the modern traveler who seeks both aesthetics and practicality. Available in three versatile sizes, this suitcase is tailored to meet a variety of travel needs, ensuring that you travel with elegance and ease, whether navigating busy airports or exploring new cities.

Key Features:

  • Robust Material for Enhanced Durability: The suitcase is constructed with a polycarbonate front and ABS back hard-shell, offering a balance of strength and lightness. This sturdy material ensures your belongings are well-protected while keeping the suitcase easy to handle.

  • Adjustable Telescopic Handle for Comfortable Maneuvering: The adjustable telescopic handle caters to your comfort, allowing you to adjust its height to your preference. This feature, along with the ergonomically designed handle, ensures ease of movement during your travels.

  • Effortless Mobility with 360° Swivel Wheels: Equipped with four double-wheels that boast 360° swivel capability, the suitcase glides smoothly across all surfaces, offering effortless maneuverability through crowded spaces.

  • Secure Storage with Built-in Lock: Security is paramount when traveling. The built-in lock provides the peace of mind you need, keeping your belongings safe and secure throughout your journey.

  • Removable Inner Lining for Easy Maintenance: The suitcase includes a removable inner lining, sealed with a black rubber seal. This feature not only offers additional protection for your items but also allows for easy cleaning and maintenance of the suitcase interior.

  • Organizational Convenience with Inner Pockets: Stay organized on the go with two practical inner pockets, perfect for storing and quickly accessing smaller items and travel essentials.

  • High-Resolution Printed Design: The suitcase exterior features a high-resolution print on a canvas surface, encapsulated within the PC shell. This design approach ensures that your suitcase is not only visually striking but also resistant to the rigors of travel.

Suitable for a Range of Travel Scenarios:

The Osman Shrine Suitcase in black is available in three sizes, catering to different travel durations and requirements. Whether you’re embarking on a short business trip, a weekend getaway, or a longer vacation, there’s a size to fit your needs. The black color adds a touch of sophistication, making your travel experience stylish as well as functional.


In summary, the Osman Shrine Suitcase in black is an ideal travel companion for those who value reliability, style, and convenience. Its durable construction, adjustable features, and elegant design make it a top choice for travelers seeking a suitcase that combines practicality with a touch of luxury. Embark on your next adventure with this exquisite Shrine Red suitcase, designed to make every journey a seamless and stylish experience.

  Small Medium Large
Height (with wheels), in 23.00 26.75 31.00
Length, in 13.50 16.50 20.50
Width, in 9.00 10.00 11.00
Handle Length, in 21.46 17.00 18.00