Osman Potentate

Illustrious Sir Michael Meyer | 2024 Potentate

Michael Meyer

llustrious Sir Michael Meyer, Potentate of the Osman Shrine, was born and raised in the Twin Cities, having grown up in Richfield. He works for the State of Minnesota and has owned several businesses including an auctioneering company. Michael is an avid traveler and lived in Maui for several years prior to returning to Minnesota. He continues to own property in Maui and has brought the Aloha spirit to the theme of his year which features a pineapple, the symbol of hospitality.

Michael Meyer has long been an advocate for Shriners Children’s and the Osman Auxiliary. Helping children is his passion for service, as evidenced by his active involvement in Shrine events and in events supporting both Shriners Children’s in the Twin Cities and the Osman Auxiliary. Michael strives to inspire others to contribute positively to our philanthropy and to be an example to others in their communities. He truly believes that Osman Shrine is guided by its members and driven by the purpose of helping children.

When not attending Osman Shrine events, Michael is also an avid waterfowl hunter. He has developed a passion for hunting sea ducks and has hunted on the east coast and Alaska. Michael Meyer is committed to Osman’s membership and looks forward to growing our membership starting at our Blue Lodges.