Alexandria Area Shrine Club

Alexandria Area Shrine Club – Alexandria Calliope and 4 Wheelers Patrol

The Alexandria Area Shrine Club started in the early 1930s, but only operated for a few years. The Club was reactivated in the early 1960s.

At that time a 1904 model Calliope was purchased from a bankrupt circus in Duluth. After it was brought to Alexandria, the Calliope needed a complete rejuvenation because of the squirrels and mice in it. Many parts were missing and had to be made. When the Calliope was ready to go, news people from the Twin Cities TV station KSTP were called to view the results of its renovation. A four-wheel trailer was located to mount the Calliope and an engine to run the Calliope. The unit was pulled behind a truck in parades.

Six go-carts were bought and remodeled later. A trailer was built to carry 10 go-carts. In recent years the go-carts were replaced by 4-wheel all-terrain vehicles.

Our Calliope and 4 Wheelers are used in parades and events in and around Alexandria.