Past Potentates

Past Potentates

The first Potentate of Osman Shrine was Noble W. H. S. Wright and each successive year following the charter date in 1886, a new Potentate has brought his talent and experience to the operation of the Shrine.

The early history of the Past Potentate’s organization has been shrouded in mystery and there is little record, written or preserved about this group. It is believed that most of the meetings, if held at all, were quite informal in nature and were only held on a randomly scheduled basis.

At one time, the Past Potentates were identified with the Cabiri of the International Past Potentates Association. A charter was granted to the Osman Past Potentates on February 11, 1953, and the group was known as Chapter No. 47
The Past Potentates organization was formed in 1960 with the official name of Past Potentates of Osman Shrine.

The business meetings are concerned with the affairs of the Shrine in an effort to try to keep current on its activities, so that the group may be better enabled to support the Potentate and members of the Divan in many matters of general concern to all of the nobility.

The Past Potentates of Osman Shrine host two social events each year with the Ladies. One event is held in the summer and the other is a holiday party.