Maintain Member Database: Update member information; process member dues; add new members; keep courtesy members current; print Club and unit mailing lists; update annual lists for contacts, Board of Directors, Club, and unit heads.

Manage annual dues notices and dues cards. Utilizing WebFez, ensure that reminder notices are going out promptly.

Update Recorder of delinquent Nobles as needed.

Maintain and update the MDS system

Become familiar with the new Webfez system so you can assist Divan and other members in registering.

Prepare/update the New Candidate Information Packets for each Ceremonial.

Request/organize biographical information on Divan and Trustees.


Update the annual wall calendar with current events and maintain the calendar on the website.

Create timelines and To-Do Lists for Osman Special Events and update event files.

Do tickler reminders for the new Potentate and elected Divan regarding pictures, fez ordering, appointments, etc.

Ensure all meeting notices are sent promptly, for Divan/Board of Directors meetings, Osman Properties meetings, Investment Committee meetings, Circus Committee meetings, Club & Unit meetings, etc.

Talk to the Potentate, Chief Rabban, and Recorder about meeting agendas.

Maintain files with meeting minutes for Osman Board of Directors, Osman Properties, and Osman Stated Meetings.

Prepare the scripts for the Stated and Annual meetings.

Contact those Nobles up for election at the Annual Meeting and find out who will be nominating them.

Help with Special Events such as New Year’s Day Brunch, Circus and Circus Party, Osman Golf, Hufli registration, Kids Holiday Party, and MSA conventions.


Work with Potentate, Divan, and Appointed Officers as needed. (Help Chief of Staff, Director General, Housing Chair, Gala Chair, Ceremonial Master, etc.)

Review all mail as it comes in. File mail for Potentate and Recorder on their respective desks after making sure it is not something that needs immediate attention.

Review all invoices that come in and put them in the “To Be Paid Bills” folder after making sure the Purchase Orders are attached to the invoices and the correct account codes are on the invoices for payment.

Review all deposits that come in and separate them.

Handle member inquiries. These come in by telephone, fax, email, or in person, including requests for Purchase Orders.

Organize all files and purge old files, when necessary, after review by Recorder.

Monitor supply inventory and order routine office supplies when low; confer with Recorder regarding Regalia orders and inventory; maintain Fez inventory for Ceremonials.

Maintain the office: dusted, vacuumed, and straightened Reception and Potentate’s desks, floors, filing cabinets, shelves, etc. The recorder maintains his desk.

Maintain procedure manuals for Osman.

Train new Recorder in-office procedures and computer database.

Book flights, hotels, and registration for any of our Board members going to meetings outside of Minnesota.

Book flights, and hotels for patients going to one of our other 22 Shrine hospitals.


Update the website as needed.

Update the Osman calendar on the website weekly.

Email pictures of the new Potentate and Divan to the webmaster in January for placement on the home page.

Maintain backup of computer software. (Automatic)


Monitor the “To Be Paid Bills” folder to ensure invoices are paid timely. Coordinate approval for payment with the Recorder and/or Treasurer.

Process checks for payment in the Sage accounting system.

Prepare bank deposits when needed, but at least weekly.

Enter deposits into the Sage accounting system.

Print monthly and annual Imperial reports after review by Recorder.

Work with Shriner’s International Office staff to ensure all filings and submissions are completed properly and in a timely fashion.

Maintain financial files, filing, and update procedures for financial information as needed.


Prepare a folder for the monthly issue of the Osman newspaper.

Maintain/update the contributors list.

Stated Meeting notices; Expenditure notices; special event notices; Calendar updates; “Lost in The Sands” list; Current ads; prepared articles and pictures; etc.

Keep all confidences sacred. Do not share “inside” information with anyone.


Pay is commensurate with experience, however, starts at $20/hour.

Job Category: Office Manager
Job Type: Mixed work from Home and Office Part Time
Job Location: 2750 Sibley Memorial Highway Eagan Minnesota
Job Description: This job requires work from home and office for approximately 30 hours per week

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