The Clowns were organized in 1957 by a group of Nobles who were then members of the Director’s Staff.

Shortly after receiving the charter, the Shrine gave the Clowns a 1904 Ford Patrol Vehicle with the original engine as their first mobile unit. Several years later, the Clowns purchased a second vehicle, the 1914 Chevrolet Fire Truck that is still running well, due to the hard work of a few Clowns. Several Clowns use motor scooters or vehicles of their own.

Our monthly publication, Behind the Grease Paint, was started in February 1965.

It takes a Clown approximately one hour to put on the grease paint face of his own design that can’t be copied by another Clown.

The Clown Unit and several individual Clowns have won many trophies from parades, other groups, and the International Shrine Clown Association.